This Home page photo of me on a scooter was taken by a ground braking photographer from Cairo, ground braking as he made it into the New York Times TOP 10 picture, a very dramatic photo taken in the troubled times of the Arab Springs.

Picture is taken in the Siwah Qattara Depression MATRUH very near the Libya boarder, LIBYAN DESERT.

Well recorded in BLACK & WHITE in the classic 1958 Berlin Film Festival movie, ” Ice Cold In Alex “ with the stunning Sylvia Syms as Sister Murdock and John Mills as Captain Anson, this small clip it gives you a good idea of the terrain we were riding, starts with no sound, bear with it.


Also heres the climax classic scene of the same movie, filmed in Tunis not Cairo as I was heart broken to find out, after hours of trawling the city, to be told Tunis ” NO” my favorite piece of cinima history disstroyed in my head, but by then I`m wobbling around a fantastic city, after no end of WORTH WAITING FORS.

Until the next time November 2014 when I return to this wonderful city again, your told not to return to places you like but Eygpt is a must for all.

WORTH WAITING FOR thats for sure.